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I grew up organized. Cleaning the house before my mother got home from work, organizing drawers when I was bored, and as my brother and sisters room were always a mess, mine was put together. After living in a three story house in Ohio, to a studio apartment in New York, I am able to work with all size projects, big and small. Organizing is a passion of mine, but I also believe that it is a skill, and it is a skill that anyone can learn.

By educating you and sharing tips, I can help you learn these organizing skills. There is no “correct” way of organizing, but we can design systems that work best for you and that you will be able to function in and maintain, and in this process you will develop your own organizing techniques. I will help you enhance your life and help you see the benefits a more organized way of living can bring.

Organizing came naturally to me, but I realize it does not come naturally to some and that is why I want to help. I understand that starting an organizing project can be an overwhelming process, or even thinking about it for that matter, but I am here to help you maximize your time, accomplish more, and bring more peace to your life.


Jeremy Murphy


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